Folsom Tanning Testimonials


"Love it! looks Great! See you in a couple of weeks!"

"I purchased the airbrush tanning service. The location is in a nice location and easy to find. The staff is very helpful and very professional. I have already been back once and plan to go again. I do not think you could beat the price and the professionalism with which the tanning solution was applied. I had it done before my trip to Hawaii so I wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb! I had it applied again upon my return, because I wasn’t ready to lose that vacation feeling!"
Thanks!!! Marci

"I used the airbrush service. Very professional and expertly done. I will be going back again. I made my appointment on-line and paid on-line. The appointment time was kept with no waiting. Thank you very much for a good experience."


"It turned out great and lasted most of my vacation--I would definitely do it again, especially if I am going away."

"Loved it!!! I had many compliments! I had no streaks...even tan all over! I was amazed to see how many people had not heard about it - but are definitely interested in it now...especially pregnant you recommend it for them - any precautions? I think by the 4th day it looked the best - and i agree that you should keep lines so you can judge your tan day by day. Hope this helps :-) Thanks again Scott!!! See you next time!"

"I am very pleased with the air brush tan. You did just the right amount of color...a healthy tan look!!! My daughter wants to do it now...I guess we will see you in a couple weeks or so for the both of us!!! Thanks...."

"The airbrush tanning looks great (still!) I am very pleased with the results and got a ton of compliments. Of course, I told them all where I went! Absolutely no streaking and a completely even and real looking tan! I definitely will return in the future! You were very thorough and made me feel completely comfortable, which is a big plus!"
Thanks again, Bridget

"You did a great job. It was a great experience. The only thing no one understands is why I got airbrushed if I’m going to the beach. They suggest I work on my tan at the beach. What they don’t know is that the airbrushing gives me more confidence to put on the bathing suit in the first place. I should be seeing you again in about two weeks."
Regards, Juanita

"Hi Alicia! How are you? I am definitely coming back for some airbrushing- and some wine and good company :) I have a few questions though, and I guess I can ask when I come in. Also, I think I should buy a package... but what if I want to alternate misting and airbrushing? Hope you are doing awesome, write me back!!"

"I LOVE my airbrush tan!! For me, I think it is something worth doing about 1/month in the summer, maybe with some mist-on tanning sessions in between airbrushing (or if you know of a better method?). I would recommend the airbrushing to anyone who wants an all-over tan ahead of a special occasion, etc. I plan to visit you again soon to purchase a mist-on package -- Thanks & regards,"
Marybeth S..

"The airbrush tan was the best idea I have acted on in years.. it looked perfect, photographed perfect, all of it.. you guys were terrific.. thank you thank you thank you.. i appreciate it and will bring EVERY one of the guys I shoot and need a tan.."


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