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If you want a fast, safe & natural-looking UV-Free (sunless) spray tanning solution, then our years of expertise as a Tanning Salon is second-to-none and confirms why Folsom Tanning was voted Folsom's best Sunless Tanning Salon by residents of Folsom. We also now offer:

Airbrush Tanning

Mystic Tan solution - Only at Folsom Tanning!

Folsom Tanning is the only Folsom tanning salon to feature Mystic Tan which is the #1 solution choice by more than twenty million spray tan customers worldwide. Mystic Tan gives the absolute best results obtainable - our clients prefer & demand Mystic Tan and you should as well! Folsom Tanning features two Mystic Tan choices:

  • Premium Clear
  • Bronzer along with a new (optional) Moisturizer add-on spray.
A unique & significant advantage for our clients is that they may choose either solution in any of three levels of spray without paying a surcharge. Other salons typically will charge a $10 premium for the highest (& darkest) spray levels, we do not. For more information on the benefits of spray tanning click here: Spray Tanning

Information on UV-Free/ Spray Tanning

Prior to spray tanning, it is preferable to shower, exfoliate & hydrate your skin (avoid using oily lotions); and, if possible, do any waxing, shaving, pedicures or manicures beforehand.

Try to wear comfortable clothing as it's necessary to wait 4 to 8+ hours to shower after your spray tan - this allows the self-tanning ingredient "DHA" to react with your skin - in order to achieve that 'tanned' look you are seeking. The longer you wait - the darker you will get (up to a point).

Everybody reacts differently to DHA - some people develop color very quickly & must shower even sooner - while others can do the darkest level-3 bronzer & leave it on overnight. The simple rule of thumb is: when you're happy with the color - go ahead & shower (to halt the DHA's reaction with your skin) - too much spray or waiting too long before showering is what can cause that obvious 'orangish' color some unlucky folks end up with. This is easily avoidable & our staff will cover everything you need to know prior to your first Folsom spray tan session.

It should be noted that 95% of all individuals are excellent candidates for spray tanning & should always be able to achieve consistent & natural-looking results that are difficult - if not impossible - to tell apart from a natural tan. Once you've done it & understand how quickly your skin reacts to the DHA - you can very easily control the outcome by either adjusting the level of spray (i.e. how much is applied) or by how long you wait to shower (i.e. how long you allow the DHA react). At first, it all may seem a little daunting, but after you've been thru the process once, you won't believe how easy it really is!

Needless to say, you should avoid getting drenched in the rain or activities that can cause sweating until such time that you have showered; after doing so, you may resume normal activities (going to the gym, jogging, etc).

We invite you to stop by the salon for a tour; no appointment is required & our Staff will gladly explain the entire spray tanning process to include selecting the appropriate level & type of spray solution based on your skin darkness, desired color & timeframe.
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